Three Haunted Attractions, One Location!


The world is dead.  Society has collapsed.  Law and order have been replaced by chaos and survival.  NecroPlanet is nationally recognized as one of the best haunted attractions in Missouri and is conveniently located near all 3 college campuses and downtown Columbia. It features three haunted attractions: The Pit, Chaos in 3D and the legendary Necropolis, back for its ninth season!  Come experience ultimate terror this Halloween season!  The apocalypse isn't coming... its here!


Necropolis Haunted HouseNecropolis

Amongst the rubble, one factory eerily stands.  Its a place where even the marauding cannibals of NecroPlanet refuse to go.  Legend tells of a horrible past, filled with torture, bloodshed and murder.  Events so traumatic that the factory has become a beacon for evil spirits hungry for the souls of the living.  Creatures waiting to devour those foolish enough to enter! Necropolis features Hollywood quality sets and special effects, professional make up and prosthetics and a team of highly trained creatures ready to terrorize from every possible direction.  Truly an event not to be missed this Halloween season!

The PitThe Pit

In the remains of a crumbled and deteriorating factory, a gang of post-apocalyptic cannibals have taken residence in The Pit. Not for the feint of heart, The Pit has been completely remodeled and expanded for 2013. Once inside, you will have to find your way out of the gore and grime of The Pit, if the cannibals let you out alive!

Chaos in 3D

Chaos in 3DAll new for 2013, Chaos in 3D is an interactive 3D ride simulator attraction with terror around every turn!

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